One World Order - you give the foundation of the mind in this -

AIR IS GOD, because without AIR, we do not exist.

So AIR is no. 1 Order.

You don’t need a leader, you need intelligence.

You need intelligent mind, One Mind.

One Order to redeem AIR on planet EARTH.

To redeem the AIR, your first and foremost friend is green.

Anything that’s green,

like kelp, seaweed, the ocean’s contents, the bushes, the grass

and most of all the TREE.

The people are at war with the trees, they’re cutting all the trees down.

The TREE is the second form of communication to the intelligent life form.

AIR, TREES, and the WATER is our spirit.

Without the WATER the TREE cannot survive.

So we have to put up our protection for the green, the green things in life.

All the green comes from the sunlight.

The Darwin Theory and all that stupid shit they teach you in school is bunk.

You come from the same place everything else comes from, you come from the SUN.

The SUN puts out all the energy that grows everything,

including me and you, them and they and us.

The World Order does not need a leader.

It just needs established in the intelligence of the mind,

the body of the world and the soul.

The mind, body and soul.

We need to heal the mind.

We need to heal the body and  the soul.

We must realize we are no better than the ANIMALS.

We are no better than the zoo.

We’ve got ourselves locked up in the zoo.

All the people that are so-called living are really dead

and there is no chance to redeem them.

But there is a chance to redeem the dead,

So we are an Order of Dead.

Dead man walking.

I am caveman.

I don’t believe I’ve ever been borned and I don’t believe I’ll ever die.

Because this body is not me.

I’m just in this body temporarily, traveling through this enclosure.

The mind, the body and the soul is beyond the physical body.

The real Spiritual Soul is in the AIR, in the WATER.

It’s in every living thing - bugs, birds, TREES.

There is nothing it’s not in.

It’s complete and it’s the night,

in the stars, the zodiacs and the novas that are going on for ETERNITY is the real eye.

it’s the only real, it’s the only real, it’s the only thing that can be real,

because it circles.

The simplicity of the Order of ATWA is the Order of ALL LIFE and it’s just  SURVIVAL.

- Charles Mac Manson
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